What is Afrobreakers Distro

Afrobreakers Distro is our free cutting edge music distribution and marketing platform that gets your music to the masses, not just sitting on a web store. With online accounting and payment as well as marketing assistance, Afrobreakers Distro is geared at today's DIY artist. Get your music online, fast and efficiently with our online distribution service. Within days your artist's music, video, artwork and other assets such as lyrics will be on services including YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and lyric sites. Your content can be uploaded via our simple to use account upload page here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afrobreakers Distro?

Afrobreakers Distro is an online content distribution platform that enables film companies, labels and rights owners distribute their content on major platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Why is Afrobreakers Distro different from all the other distribution platforms out there?

Afrobreakers Distro puts the power of self-distribution and the ability to find your copyright information directly in your hands instead of you having to pay huge fees to external companies. Afrobreakers Distro also markets your material on it social networks such as Afrobreakers (over 150k likes on Facebook) and NollywoodNights (over 120k likes on Facebook). So unlike other distribution companies, we actually put internal funds towards marketing artists' material regardless of their previous industry success.

How do I submit my catalogue to Afrobreakers?

The process is very simple. Just upload songs directly by clicking HERE.

How long before my music is on iTunes or Spotify?

It usually takes 2 weeks but can sometimes take 4 weeks if our distribution partners are experiencing high volumes. We get a lot of music from new starters who don't send, for example, artwork in the correct dimensions of 3000pixels by 3000pixels. But instead of rejecting the release we add it to any forthcoming compilations which means sometimes the track has to wait until the compilation is ready for release.

What are your contract terms?

These can be found HERE.

What percentage do I earn from sales of the music?

You will earn 50% of any sales from the music. We spend company funds marketing your music so this is a fair split.

When will I be accounted to and paid?

We will account to your quarterly as stated in the contract. You must log in to your account to view statements. Also, ensure that you have updated your bank account details in your login page. Payment is made within 4 weeks of the accounting statement shown at your login page being updated. Note that payment is made only if you have earned a minimum royalty of $10 as money transfer fees are deducted from the payment so it's more cost effective to do this.

What You Get

Full Automation

You don't have to log in and keep checking on things. We'll send regular updates on the status of your catalogue.

Simple To Use

You literally upload your catalogue (which could be a list of songs and artists in text) and that's it. Our software does the rest.

Web Security

Our website is safe, secure and we don't store any personal information so there is no risk to your data.


Our Support team is on hand to answer any questions about our products. Just send an email to


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